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Glazing replacement

Your double glazed windows are blown when condensation appears in between the glass panes.  This may appear and disappear as the window warms up and cools down.  This means that the units integrity has been compromised, the insulating properties have been lost and the glass should be replaced.


They are unsightly and are often left like this as the common misconception is that a whole new window is required.


Replacement double glazing does not mean new windows, just new glass, which can be fitted after the beading is removed.  Its far less expensive than you might think and we use the same glazing manufacturers as the replacement window companies, so all the units are top quality.  With less overheads, we replace at a fraction of the price of other companies.

If you would like to discuss having the units replaced, please submit the contact form.  There is no hard sell, its just an additional service I offer if required.

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